About Mission Talk

Mission Talk, began in 2016 with about one hundred young Latin@ leaders, who came together in Orlando, FL, to discuss topics around cross-cultural missions, community transformation, and justice work.

Since, our first Mission Talk conversation, we have continued to expand convening mission-minded young leaders from across the nation, to learn from community practitioners about poverty, hunger, immigration, mass incarceration, homelessness, human trafficking, education, campus ministry, social entrepreneurship, ethnic diversity, mental health, special needs, refugees, racial reconciliation, protection of the human life and about preserving our planet.

Every year our conference gathers hundreds of young leaders and equips them to serve communities here in Florida, throughout the nation and around the world. We also host smaller conversations throughout different cities to connect them to local organizations, ministries, and churches doing great work.

Our young leaders have a diverse work/volunteer experience, some serve in university campuses, youth ministries, grassroots organizations, para-church organizations, missionary agencies, educational institutions, denominations, and churches.

Our vision

Our vision is for young Latin@s to be at the forefront of God’s local and global mission for community transformation and justice work.

Core Values

  • Inspire through Biblical reflection
  • Embrace our God-given identity
  • Discover our purpose in God’s mission
  • Educate to become lifelong community practitioners
  • Build community through a relational experience

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create accessible educational opportunities to train Latin@s young leaders to become equipped Christ centered field practitioners in community transformation and justice work.

Mission Talk, was founded as a Latino led movement to better serve issues related to the Hispanic culture and community.
Nonetheless, we welcome and work together with all ethnic communities.