230 Evangelical Leaders Advocate for Migrant Children.

On February 24th five buses from Latino evangelical communities across Florida made their way to the State Capitol in Tallahassee. Over 230 bishops, pastors and lay leaders joined FRACEEV’s advocacy initiative, Evangelicos for Community Transformation’s first, Action Day.

This collective public witness brought their prayers, songs, stories and conviction for migrant children to Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature. Prior to the Legislature’s 60 day session the Governor put forth an Executive Order that negatively impacted those serving migrant children waiting to be united with sponsors. Many of those shelters were housed in local Latino evangelical churches. Additionally, during the 60 days, both the House and Senate put forth bills that would further marginalize those caring for children and create more barriers for all immigrants without legal status.

Florida’s elected leaders needed to know that their unjust legislative actions would not go unchecked. After a prayer focused press conference, the group hand delivered over 200 letters and visited 29 legislative offices. All could follow the developing story on social media. The press also interviewed and reported on Action Day’s successful efforts.

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