Annual Conference

The Mission Talk conference serves as a contextualized platform to educate young Latino leaders to understand and engage in the work of justice and community transformation from a Latina/o and Biblical lens. It is also an opportunity for young leaders with limited resources to benefit from an educational experience financially accessible, who otherwise would not be able to attain, given the high cost associated with many of the  conferences available in Christian spaces. Our conference, cohort  and immersion program, is conducted by a collaborative effort of different sponsor organizations that help provide the educational experiences at no cost to the young leaders, aside from meals and travel expenses, in some cases. 

Our conference allows young leaders to form part of reflective conversations with other like minded young leaders and allows them to connect with resourceful organizations. We intentionally connect young leaders to expert community field practitioners. Many of our young church Latino leaders are a product of a work that has been mainly concentrated on evangelism through an episodic event oriented compassion ministries, with little emphasis on community transformation and inter-cultural immersion. Given this reality, we believe that exposure to conversations with local and global community practitioners will enhance and generate a desire to seek a deeper understanding of cultures and God’s holistic mission.

Conference Topics

Theology of Justice

History of Justice

Racial Justice

Campus Outreach

Immigration Justice

Criminal Justice

Poverty & Hunger Justice

Pro-Life Justice

Human/Sex Trafficking

Homelessness & Housing Justice

Educational Justice

Reducing Violence in our Cities

Global Outreach & Refugee Justice

Economic Justice

Mental Health & Special Needs Justice

Youth At Risk