Education Initiatives

Justice & Community Transformation Cohort

The Justice & Community Transformation Cohort, is a six session online course that serves as a follow-up to the Mission Talk annual conference. The program is designed to prepare community practitioners and deepen their understanding of the holistic mission through an interactive learning community, led by expert practitioners and theologians. 

Our cohorts have an emphasis on relationships, because we believe in a relational driven gospel. Our goal is to create opportunities where young leaders can engage at a personal level in missional conversations with practitioners, mentors and with other like minded young leaders who form part of this community. The results are long lasting friendships, faith growth and leadership development. 

We work in partnership with national, statewide and citywide youth leaders from different organizations and denominations to understand the educational need within their youth groups and together create a targeted plan that addresses the need of their community of young leaders.

 We select our partner facilitators, by conducting research to identify contextualized educators that can assure the young leaders a relevant learning experience that they can use within the communities they serve. 

Our cohorts begin with a theological and historical framework of justice and community transformation. Then we  dive into issues that disportinally impact our community. Below are some of the course modules we cover during our cohort.


Biblical & Racial Justice Overview

Criminal Justice

Immigration Justice

Educational Justice

Economic Justice

Pro-life Justice