Liliana (Gaby) Santizo - VP | Board Member

Liliana (Gaby) Santizo, M.B.A. is a Guatemalan-born New Yorker who has a passion for travel, holistic wellness, and cultivating women in leadership. A child of immigrant parents, Gaby became involved in ministry at a young age, leading children’s and youth ministry programs at a community church in South Bronx.

This work sparked her interest in leadership and community development, particularly at the intersections of faith and community organizing. With over 10 years of project management experience, Gaby has worked in the areas of disaster relief and immigration. Most recently, Gaby serves as the Program Director with Urban Strategies, where she manages faith-based unaccompanied-minors programs in several states.

She works firsthand with youth and families who experience the trauma of rapidly shifting policies around immigration and marginalization that directly impact women, children, and families in Latin American communities. Her love of travel often brings her to Central America and her native Guatemala to deepen her relationships with indigenous cultures and communities. As a leader, she is committed to enhancing human well-being, both individually and collectively because together we are better.