Justice Forum in Orlando, FL

In 2016, our founders launched the first forum to educate the top 100 influential Christian young leaders under the age of 40. Since then, we continued to host an annual forum where we partnered with grass-roots organizations, denominations, community leaders and professors to speak and lead workshops related to social justice, organizing, advocacy and community development.  We focus on topics like, justice theological education, racial inequality, voting restoration, mass incarceration, death penalty, immigration, poverty, hunger, protection of life, educational equity and just economy. Since our first forum, we have grown to gathering over 600 young leaders from the state of Florida and from several states across the nation. Moreover, in 2022 we will be hosting additional forums in different cities throughout the state of Florida.


Cohort with pastors and lay leaders of Calvario City Church, a prominent 3,000 member church of the Assemblies of God in Orlando, FL.

We host 4 Community Transformation Cohorts a year with courses mainly held online due to Covid-19. Our program runs for six weeks with lectures that are highly interactive. We start each class with short introduction videos, ice-breakers and we provide meaningful space for small and large group discussions, allowing meaningful time for conversations around social issues and challenge ourselves to leave each class thinking creatively on how to respond to issues that impact our communities.

Instructors & Courses – Instructors have a Doctoral or Master’s degree with community serving experience in practical theological, organizing, advocacy and community development. Currently, we provide the following courses; 

  • Theological Framework on Justice 
  • History of the Latino Church and Justice 
  • Race and the Construct of Racism in America 
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Immigration and Human Dignity
  • Educational Equity & Just Economy
  • Protection of Life

Contextualized Teaching & Learning – Before every cohort we bring together instructors, community leaders, pastors and bishops to make sure we contextualize our education for each community. We conduct a thorough process to identify the needs of the community and conduct surveys to understand our students background. Our Latino students live different realities, serve in different context, and have different levels of academic education. Gathering this valuable information allows us to design a course that meets their needs and provides them with a an education that helps them learn better, faster, and retain the information longer when they are taught concepts in context.

Technology Integration – We maximize the use of technology by using software like Zoom, Teams and Wonder, to host our courses. We also use online interactive tools like “Poll-Everywhere” to collect information in real-time, conduct survey questions, stimulate thoughts, share ideas and compare perspectives among participants. It also helps us to evaluate our progress to better serve the community we work with.

Course Moderators – In addition, we have moderators that make sure our courses run on time and make it fun by conducting games, ice-breakers, reading chat comments and questions from participants. They make sure transitions take place accordingly, help manage breakout sessions, lead small group dialogues and assure everyone has a pleasant active learning experience. Including, following-up with emails and study materials provided by instructors.

Cohort with Florida statewide leader, Rev. Gelenny Perez and young leaders of the Church of God of Prophecy Counci
Cohort with Florida statewide leader, Rev. Angel Marcial Jr. and young leaders of the Church of God Council
Pastor's justice cohort with Bishop Ebli de La Rosa and pastors from the Southeast


After our six-week cohort, we select a group of students who are interested in engaging further in organizing and advocacy work. Once we identify these students, we enroll them in our advocacy program and take them through our 4-month practicum that trains them on how to build influence through organizing them and prepares them for an in-person advocacy experience during our State legislative sessions. 

The Practicum also includes field trips to the Legacy Museum, the Memorial for Peace and Justice, the Martin Luther King’s house in Montgomery, Alabama, the Dexter Avenue Church and other local meaningful places in Florida, relevant to the history of justice movements.


Our Latino Leaders and evangelical churches of Tampa, FL, speak with State Representatives to advocate for voting restoration during legislative sessions.
Mission talk convened Florida Latino Bishops to partner with the Orlando Magic and Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to interview candidates for the State Attorney vacancy in Florida
Latino evangelical bishops and pastors speak up against e-verify in Florida
Mission Talk convenes Latino bishops and African American bishops to address racism
Tampa churches gather in Talahassee to advocate for returning citizens
Latino evangelical leaders marching against police brutality in memory of George Floyd
Latino faith leaders march to the capital to visit legislators and advocate for immigrant children, provide occupational licensing for returning citizens and for ending the death penalty for individuals with mental illness.