Immersion & Advocacy Practicum

We believe there is no better way of learning about justice and community transformation than having the experience of being immersed in the life of those who live at the margins. Our goal is to guide young leaders through an immersed field experience and conduct practicums that allow the participant to gain the initial experience on how to execute a plan for their community and make a difference in areas of justice they care about. 

The participant will work together with an assigned coach / expert community practitioner in collaboration with other young leaders who have already gone through our six-week cohort program.

This immersion program serves as an alternative learning experience to many short-term community outreaches and missionary initiatives that mainly focus on compassion work. And while this serves its purpose in many ways, it has limited the transformational experience and further, seldom includes an intentional time to deeply reflect and learn from a relational and collaborative experience that brings about real change to communities. We also believe that by prioritizing the learning opportunities through the personal experience, which is gained can make a lifetime impact on the vocational and missional trajectory of the young community practitioner.

Immersion and Advocacy Practicum Application